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Mecanum wheels CL Series

CL Series omni wheel is a 90-degree economy light load omni wheel. There are 2 nylon sliding bearings in every wheel. It is aimed to supply the products with high precise, high economy and high endurance to customers. CL series omni wheel adopts rubber roller and galvanized steel hub, meanwhile it has various mounting dimensions to satisfy different applications.

Product Mecanum wheel CL10

Mecanum wheel CL10

Mecanum wheel CL13

Mecanum wheel CL13

Diameter(mm) 101.6(4") 127(5")
Wide(mm) 39 39
Wheels 16 20
Bearing 32 40
Bearing Type Nylon Sliding Bearing
Wheel Material Rubber
Hub Material Carbon Steel
Hub Surface Treatment Electro-galvanized
Mount Flat key/Hexagon Hole/Set Screws/Bearing supports
Typical Middle Hole Size(mm) 5/6/7/8/9/10/12
Weight(g) 430 730
Load(kg) 50 50

  • High economy: CL series omni wheel have better quality and economical benefit, it can adapt wild application because of its cost-effectiveness.
  • Steel hub: Self weight is a little heavy, but it has better intensity and resilience.
  • Reliable, long lifetime, stable quality.