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Omni-Turtle series1-15t

This omni-directional transport solution combines high precision movements for payloads up to 10.000kg. Mostly used in various industries such as assembly lines, warehousing, production facilities, aerospace, train industry, energy, logistics, … Next to customized solutions we offer a range of standard applications which are split in several groups:

Hangfa - HTL Series

HTL Series

  • Omni-directional platform for Lifting purposes.
  • Transport solution with integrated lifting table up to 2.000mm
  • Battery driven with hydraulic lift
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Hangfa - HTT Series

HTT Series

  • Omni-directional platform for Transferring pallets.
  • Transport solution with integrated lifting function (small stroke)
  • Battery driven and designed for horizontal logistic transport.
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Hangfa - HTB Series

HTB Series

  • Omni-directional platform for direct load Bearing.
  • Transport solution for direct load transport.
  • Battery driven and designed for transport or assembly purposes.
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